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9 kilohmetres en 9 metres


in the hands the nakedness of the eternal,
of what was there from the beginning.
in the eyes the wells of salty water
the skin bristles and, like the wave, breaks against the pain caused by the human, which like the rocks, suffers

wear at slow speed.
the sand prints the log
of memory and abuse, returning to us what we threw into the sea.

- the beast in our eyes -
- the cradle of human memory -

the eyelashes stuck with crystallized salt and the indescribable, deep hum in the ears;

the belief that the wet and breathing space belongs to us
butchering futures and wiping our hands.

linking hostility and sea makes us reflect on how we, humans, have ended up turning a space of life, of wealth, of beauty and with great inspiring capacity into a mass of money, into an evocative, into an eternal depth of benefits. it did not belong to us and does not belong to us, but in exploiting it and hurting it the sea responds to us with hostility.

I wanted to imagine a response from the sea, a story, a spit from her to claim her pain. a response to the endemic anthropocentrism and belief in the availability of the sea for human use, a response that is not kind but arises from rage and the struggle to try to survive.

this project aims to talk about human fragility, about our insignificant existence towards the immensity of the sea. through this dynamic installation I intend to create a narrative that not only adapts to the environment but also generates a direct interaction with the public making them feel uncomfortable, prohibiting them from accessing a space that is presented to us available, thus questioning the limits of what we think belongs to us.

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