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... and the insect will become a pest


The consequences of the socio-environmental problems generated by the disconnection of the individual with nature in a time where the Earth is treated more and more voraciously and a resource to be exploited by civilization, means that many female artists who work with their bodies to make visible, to denounce the parallels of dominance of a patriarchal, capitalist and anthropocentric society exerted on women and nature. With this work and with the artistic practice that I have completed, I have understood the transformative capacity of art, in how we can become subjects of social transformation and that in theoretical hybridization very interesting and groundbreaking material results are found. Metaphor remains a great communicative tool and capable of circumventing dominant narratives.


breatheit aims to talk about human frailty, our dependent existence, the will to control and the mistreatment of nature. Through this dynamic piece we achieve that the narrative adapts to the environment and that several can be built. Going to the root to build the future, that's the only way there will be survival.

... and the insect will become a pestuses the metaphor of the insect, alien, strange and dark being to talk about the human relationship with nature. the piece refers to the imagination of the vestige, of the monster. it plays with the contrast with the natural object, a fact that opens the dialogue around the object produced by humans (the insect) and the one produced by nature. The piece does not rely on the natural object but rather aims to possess it since it depends on it.


this piece is conceptualized in order to be supported and/or in contact with one or several living plant elements. with this, it is intended to encourage the purchase and reproduction of these, understanding them as necessary for our lives.

the position and interaction of the piece will vary depending on the space it is in, therefore there is no correct position

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