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l 'ime.gacte

at the origin and at the end of existence the impact appears

as life
as an incision
as violence
as fear
eventually resulting in a thrill
this is usually inadvertent
and out of control
both mental and physical
that's why hole
and sound
and makes pum
and makes a crack
it reminds us that it exists
and that in the end
live with us like the air

also remembering that the absence of a trace does not mean that there was no impact


this project arises through the indignation felt towards the abuse of power by the police forces and the impact of their techniques of dissolving demonstrations. this whole situation gives me a feeling that is a mixture of fear and anger, where I feel small and vulnerable,  but at the same time I have things to say.


understanding that physical force and the use of weapons is not my language a  when it comes to showing my rejection towards this situation, I thought of making an installation that talks about the impact


to deal with the concept I chose a poetic, intuitive approach that spoke about fragility, pain, shock but without being explicit. I try to get away from sensationalism and the incendiary images that usually appear in the media to try to get to the essence of the concept, the shock concept.

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