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we also have salty blood


in the hands the nakedness of the eternal,
of what was there from the beginning.
in the eyes the wells of salty water
the skin bristles and, like the wave, breaks against the pain caused by the human, which like the rocks, suffers

wear at slow speed.
the sand prints the log
of memory and abuse, returning to us what we threw into the sea.

- the beast in our eyes -
- the cradle of human memory -

the eyelashes stuck with crystallized salt and the indescribable, deep hum in the ears;

the belief that the wet and breathing space belongs to us
butchering futures and wiping our hands.


  • the action begins with the reading of the storyper sprout again (further down on this page). this story that sets the theoretical framework of the work and aims to start a small debate about the relationship that one has with the environment.

  • then, we move on to the active part of the project where each participant is given a piece of fertile clay, encouraging them to model a human figure with which they feel represented. together, they are given a pamphlet explaining how to do it in case they want to do it again.

  • then, each participant will choose a rock where they want to leave their figure with the desire thatthe mud dissolves so that the seeds sprout.All the seed species chosen for this project are designed to germinate in spaces such as the city and facilitate the pollination of the rest of the plants.

part of the power of this project resides in its development in the public space, understanding it as a space to generate critical discourses that belong to us all. in this way, the participants of the project generate new relationships with their closest environment, through the mud and their hands. 

download the instructions for making the fertile mud

this project has been collected in a story that responds to the idea of the project. the story has been printed on plantable paper and bound with pita thread so that it is also biodegradable, being able to be buried and sprouting again.

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