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This project aims to generate a reflection on the type of democratic transition that took place in Spain.

Based on the speech made by Arzallus in the Congress of Deputies on the day the 1977 Amnesty Law was passed, I reflect on forgetting and forgetfulness, on what the land hides and on the historical account of Spain's contemporary history that lies asleep.

This 1977 Amnesty Law blocks the possibility of judging any of the people who participated in Franco's regime, which makes it impossible to achieve justice and reparation. Without recognition there is silence, and with silence there is oblivion.

From all these reflections and references, appears the idea of the word as an obstacle, like a stone on the road that can make us stop but does not force us. The word as a warning or reminder, the word that lives in the present. Through this, I decide to take a sentence from Arzallus' speech in the Congress of Deputies when the Amnesty Law was presented. I take the phrase from the speech that best illustrates the idea I want to present: oblivion is established in our society permanently. This condemns us future generations to live with our backs to our past, not establishing bridges between the resistances of the past and those of the present, alienating ourselves from us, the earth and history.

The sentence of forgetfulness came hand in hand with the approval of the Amnesty Law.

With dememory comes the permission of openly fascist speeches in the Congress of Deputies.

With dememory there is forgetting and therefore the possibility of repeating the same atrocities.

Dememory distorts the past, undoes the critical view and makes us forget that the present is a weapon loaded with the possibility of change.

Memory lives in the present and the future can be ours, as long as we establish a good narrative.

This piece is accompanied by a fanzine containing the fragment of Arzallus' speech from which I have taken the sentence.

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